Bridging Anime to Fans,

Kasagi Labo is the leading anime venture studio that brings authentic Japanese craft to a global audience through licensing, distribution and merchandising.


Help creators achieve financial freedom


To cultivate a worldwide anime platform, bringing together 1 billion fans who can actively explore and engage with the anime they adore.

To empower creators to connect with dedicated anime enthusiasts, fostering an exchange of opinions on their creations.

We aspire to create a dynamic space where creators and fans actively contribute to developing and shaping global anime IPs.

Our Vision

Kasagi means 'bridge' and labo means 'lab'.

Kasagi Labo will be the largest anime fan base outside of Japan by creating and owning anime IP and building strong fan connection through multiple screens, platforms and consumer products.

Rooted in Tradition,
Fueled by Innovation

Our approach has always been grounded in experimentation and taking new forms of anime to fans, while honouring its tradition and craft.

Our Offerings

We delve deep into the anime world, curating experiences that span from the brilliant minds of creators to the passionate hearts of fans.

Original Animations

Distinctive narratives that captivate and inspire

Renewed Classics

Breathing new life into timeless IPs through content in diverse forms

Fan Engagement

Cutting-edge virtual experiences that foster a vibrant community

Anime Merchandising

Curated collections that bring new worlds into the hands of fans

Our Distinction

 We stand apart in our dedication to authenticity, innovation, and creator empowerment.

Authentic Global Reach

Through our vast network and partnerships, we help global fans experience Japanese craft in its authentic form. Extending anime’s influence, while preserving its roots.

Immersive Virtual/ Digital/New Worlds

Curating only the finest in tech, we use cutting-edge technology to build rich virtual experiences that expand the fandom universe. Allowing fans to delve deeper into the stories and worlds they adore.

Greater Opportunities For Creators

Championing the heart and soul of anime – its creators. At Kasagi Labo, we’ve built a new model that focuses on artists and craftsmen, giving them the opportunity to tell and promote their own stories.

Hear from Our Fans

The heart of anime lies in its fans. We celebrate the voices of our community where fans and creators gather to shape the future together.

"As an event organizer for Kasagi, I've had the privilege of connecting anime enthusiasts across the globe. These community initiative meetups from Tokyo to Singapore highlight our role as fans: we're here to appreciate and champion the creators' work, not to dictate narratives. Our collective excitement could significantly enhance the reach of anime series if the industry acknowledged this passion.

We're not here to influence the narrative; instead, we aim to celebrate and promote the creators' artistry. As I organize each event, I'm reminded that our role is to honor the creativity of the artists, to amplify their voices, and to let the world know of the incredible narratives they weave in the world of anime."



"Kasagi is a close-knit community that feels like family. I've met incredible people and enjoy daily activities like anime, music, and conversations. The project values community involvement and skills. As a member of the otaku committee, we collaborate on tasks, gaining exclusive information and a sense of purpose. Our collective effort drives the project's growth and our opinions matter.

Fan involvement is crucial for a project's success. Fans generate hype and passion, interact with content, and organize events like cosplay and member meetings. Their perspectives as users are invaluable, shaping the project's direction. A strong fan base attracts new consumers and boosts the project's credibility."



"I'm Vaibhav Obero, I joined Kasagi during its early stages through a friend. What sets Kasagi apart from other projects is the founders' availability and responsiveness. They actively engage with holders, gather feedback, and foster interaction on platforms. This direct interaction is truly special.

When we watch anime or any show, we often crave a glimpse behind the scenes, as our connection to the show grows. We yearn to learn more about the creative process, the thoughts behind a particular scene, and how it came to life. Making an anime is a complex endeavor, and conversing with the creators helps us appreciate the tremendous effort invested. Moreover, interacting with creators can be inspiring and motivational for fans, as it may ignite their own creative aspirations."



"Joining the Kasagi community has transformed my anime journey entirely. It's incredible how we all share theories and interpretations during our late-night discussions. Striking the balance between fan input and creative autonomy can be a hard task. The ideal state for me, is for authors to have full control of their own story, as fans we ought to give full trust and to support the author's creativity. Fan-input comes during merchandising and side story stages. As a member of Kasagi and its otaku committee, I am able to see and provide inputs on the development of merchandise that kasagi partners with. This is in line with my ideals of connecting with creators to help produce the best merchandise that will commemorate and immortalize our favorite scenes in anime."



One of my most cherished memories of Kasagi is engaging in an intense debate about the ending of an anime. This discussion allowed different perspectives to emerge, ultimately deepening my appreciation for the storyline. If creators were to directly engage with us, they could gain valuable insights into how their work impacts audiences, leading to the creation of more empathetic narratives. By fostering such engagement, the industry could achieve an unprecedented synergy between fans and creators.

Furthermore, it has already been proven that fan engagement influences narrative and artistic choices made by anime creators. Some anime series retain filler characters to the extent that they influence crucial moments in the story, demonstrating their integral role despite the authors' initial disregard.



Our Leadership Team

Every member of the Kasagi Labo team possesses unique expertise and experience in their respective fields, uniting to form a cohesive force that drives our vision forward.




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